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Cushe Footwear in Biarritz – REVIEW

The Contrast Magazine ventured to the shore breaks of Sud-Ouest France (Biarritz / Hossegor / Seignosse) with the newest member of the Manuka Family – Manuka being Cushe Footwear’s trademark honeycomb outsole footwear design. Based around a deconstructed casual beach styled shoe, the Surf Slipper found peace in their natural habitat and is easily the most ‘Cushe’ shoe the brand has ever created.

Cushe Surf Slipper is available in a range of beach inspired colours, from ocean blue to sandy tones, the shoes also feature contrast stitched detailing with Cushe’s camo-effect moulded sole. Not only has the shoe been produced with all virtues listed above, the Cushe Slipper is also packed full of tech too – including Cushe’s zero degree pitch antimicrobial footbed, a unique ‘Rubber On’ EVA Manuka honeycomb outsole, plus a sculptured wave sidewall profile to name just a few. The lightweight components mean you hardly feel it on your foot, literally.

Cushe Footwear – Surf Slipper Shoe – RRP £40.

Durability levels are through the roof with Cushe’s moulded EVA midsole (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, the best shock absorption materials available today. Major running brands use this material due to great combination of shock absorption and super lightweight sole) as seen above the tough but versatile sole ensures any surface is no trouble for the shoe.

As pictured above, you can see the strong central build of the moulded rubber Manuka Honeycomb sole which supports the foot’s natural curvature – really puts Cushe™ in a league of their own, no other footwear brand put attention to detail with such conviction. Comfort is like no other lightweight canvas based shoe, there’s no competition.

The canvas material used by Cushe doesn’t fold, crease or ruin – any dirt is easily cleaned with water. The twin elastic gussets for enclosure helps ventilation, but one advisory found was with ‘loose’ fitting canvas material, contemplate a size smaller to ensure a comfortably tight fit depending on where you intend to go with your shoe. See Cushe’s returns policy for confidence when buying.

How well did they perform? If you aren’t a wearer of the Rock Flop (featured here) and prefer the enclosed shoe this has to be the choice ahead of any. The ‘Surf Slipper’ has multiple uses in most environments, from being a shoe you will want to take anywhere – over rocks, sandy beaches and through water to a smart accessory with shorts and shirt in the public house.

Cushe™ aren’t the typical footwear brand, they’re masters of foot companions – creators of shoes we rely on to perform through thick and thin, whenever you need it, wherever you need it, in any situation. Reliability is key in friendship and the durable materials used are second-to-none. Take your Surf Slipper shoe on many adventures in their natural habitat and enjoy the precious moments.

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