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Cushe Footwear Evo Web – REVIEW

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The Contrast Magazine have a pair of Cushe™ Footwear Evo Web on foot for an exciting review. Who are CusheWell Cushe are an independently thinking, design led footwear brand, originating from the UK. They offer unique and exciting footwear choices for like-minded individuals. Cushe are self-confessed perfectionists, they love every detail and the little things you can and can’t see make their products that extra bit special.

All of Cushe’s shoes are designed with comfort, wellness and the Cushe lifestyle in mind, from the sculpted footpads which support the foot, to the use of memory foam and Eco Cell technology which increase comfort and fit.

Cushe™ Footwear Evo Web – Dark Brown Leather Sandals £35 – £50.

The following review has been independently conducted and written by The Contrast Magazine Ltd. The Contrast Team disagree with labeling Cushe sandals flip flops – “typically worn in casual situations and consisting of a flat sole held loosely together with a Y-shaped thong.”

We’re relabeling Cushe’s type of sandal footwear to ‘rock flops’ due to their rad ability to be worn over tough terrain such as coastal paths, rocks and through shallow waters. Contrasting by nature.

The adventurous man’s rock flops falling into the Universal Traveller category of Sandals, Cushe™ certainly know how to build ultimate footwear. Upon first impression, the rock flops have the sort of rugged charm you’ll find on an experienced Swiss mountaineer – dark brown leather suits any attire without clashing, if you’re that way inclined. The most striking feature of the sandal is the multiple pebble foam pads on the insoles, acting as well-appreciated comfort assistants. They really work, especially over tough terrain; you feel the individual pads working selflessly to restrict rubbing and any loss of grip.

A second notable feature is the shape of the Evo Web. Setting the standard higher than competitors with any typical flip-flops, Cushe Footwear has given you the highest comfort with that homely feel of well-worn flip-flops – moulding to your feet. Ergonomics at their finest. The ingenious shape of the Evo Web isn’t just for comfort or looks – the upper lip at the front and side reduce the amount of sand, mud or general dirt, which would normally irritate the wearer.

Just how comfortable are they? Honestly, they take a little time wearing in, like any tough walking sole. And it’s a surreal feeling looking down at your feet to see ‘flip flops’ but walking over all different types of terrain doesn’t bother the Evo Webs slightly. They react on tough surfaces as if you’re wearing walking shoes or hiking boots, an impressive feat. I took them over 500m of constant rocky terrain and they didn’t flutter an eyelid – they stayed glued to my feet and the underside is built solidly with rubber ‘web’ type structures, which distribute the weight effortlessly for unparalleled grip.

They’re built for durability and sustainability; chances are you won’t be regularly clambering over rocks (unless you’re a Jurassic Coast surfer) but Cushe’s Evo Web does the job of a solid and reliable footwear with the look and feel of a sandal, what more could you ask for this season? With an RRP of £50 they’re an investment, but an investment that will safely last you a long time – these won’t be broken or worn down easily.

£35 On Sale | Cushe Footwear Online

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