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Casio G-Shock Concept Store

This week has seen the debut of Casio’s G-Shock concept store in the heart of London, Covent Garden. With two floors and nearly 1000 square footage of G-Shock watches this is the tough man’s Goldsmiths. Casio is known for it’s triumph in urban aesthetics and premium dirt cool.

Upstairs you will expect G-Shock Premium like you’ve never seen before. ‘MR-G’ is now available in the UK and is available for all to see in this very store. At £2500 this is the first time it’s been available outside Japanese waters.

With it’s titanium strap and casing and sapphire ‘anti-reflective’ glass, this watch is certainly exclusive. With only one available in the UK and that’s on show in the Covent Garden show you really would be indulging in a one off timepiece. A few other differences to justify £2500 price tag are; the gold circuit mount, double-hardening treatment on the bracelet and hand engraved detail. Ah, now where do I sign?!

You can find the full range of G-Shocks in the store, as you’d expect. Limited editions, classic G-Shock, Baby-G and much more!

Mr. Kudo, MD of Casio UK has said ”We are very excited about the store opening”… Tim Gould, Head of Marketing then added “We think the technological ideas employed in the store really sets us apart from other watch brands…This is the first Casio concept store internationally, timing with the forthcoming release of the Sheen and G-Shock’s 30th birthday later this year.” If you haven’t already, you must check out Casio’s international releasee of the Sheen here.

The concept store has a super cool arty exposed design with all brickwork and industrial wireframe mounted displays. Featuring Lampless projectors and projection mapping (so you get 3D models of the watches) with interactive displays really shows Casio’s passion for their watches. The store is a must visit if you’re in or around London anytime soon, beware of the psychedelic colour scheme with all the Baby-G and Limited Edition brightness providing enough light to brighten a small village.

Casio G-Shock Concept Store, Covent Garden Piazza has officially been open for a week. Try before you buy!