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Roy Hodgson – Mission Impossible?

Good morning Mr. Hodgson. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the recovery of an invaluable item held previously in the hands of Bobby Moore back in 1966. This item alone and others in similar nature have been missing from our trophy cabinet since it changed hands during the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. We haven’t devised a plan exactly and you weren’t our ideal candidate, but due to unfortunate financial situations with Mr Redknapp you will do, for now.

Facetiously enough this appears to be the public’s perception of the news of Roy Hodgson’s appointment of England manager. Admittedly, Roy doesn’t have the whole country’s backing, especially fans of a certain merseyside club… But we mustn’t write him off before his reign has even begun.

Roy is a highly experienced football coach, his career began back in 1976 in the Swedish city Halmstad. Hodgson managed to lead Halmstad BK to two league championships; which according to sources, to this day is still considered one of the greatest surprises in Swedish football history. Especially in 1976 (Hodgson’s debut year in charge) when they were tipped indefinitely for relegation. Consequently Hodgson returned to Sweden to coach Malmö FF, leading them to five consecutive league championships and several Swedish cups, they even offered Hodgson a lifetime contract with the club.

Hodgson’s international experience came initially with Switzerland where he’s still regarded as one of the highest performing managers of their footballing history, not only qualifying for the Euros but taking them through to the last 16 of the World Cup in 1994, an impressive feat. Considering they hadn’t previously qualified for a major competition since 1960s.

Hodgson was shortlisted with two other candidates for England manager in 2000, at the time he was obliged to refuse all job offers as his contract stated, Sven was consequently appointed.

It’s clear that Roy Hodgson has a positive effect on the players who play for him. I expect, from chasing up references stated on Roy’s CV The FA have built a clear picture of Roy being a highly influential coach. Which is exactly what England need right now; especially with the bust ups in defence, under performing strikers, and his predecessor unable to string a sentence together in our language causing plenty confusion. Within any club there’s bound to be a clash of egos; there needs to be a leader who can, not only tactically provide logical and professional solutions but personally interact with the players so they put their heart and soul into playing for the pride of the country and the badge sown on their shirts.

Disregard any previously held opinions of the man as no manager is perfect, start fresh and recognise that coach’s playing styles are individual, which clearly won’t suit every club so there’s bound to be anomalies in a career, and that’s where mistakes are learned from. We hope Hodgson appeals to the current squad and future squad of England football club, it’s clear to see Fulham reaping the benefits of Hodgson’s style of play. Hodgson recovered Fulham from the struggling relegation-tipped club to unprecedented success with top half finishes and leading them into Europe for the first time in the club’s history. Famously overcoming the 4-1 deficit against Juventus to win 5-4 on aggregate.

We’re fully behind Roy Hodgson as England Manager and hope when push comes to shove as the Euros commence the whole nation are too. It’s gonna be tough, but certainly not Mission Impossible, we’re glad Roy Hodgson has chosen to accept the mission of appointment. There aren’t huge expectations anyway we’re only English… yet given our recent record in major championships wouldn’t it be great to see St. George’s flag flying high in the finals? Until then…

Game on!