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The Most ‘Cushe’ Shoe in The World

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Feat. Cushe Footwear‘s Tech Slipper Shoe

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The Cushe Slipper shoe is the newest member of the Manuka family – Manuka being Cushe’s trademark honeycomb outsole design. Based around a deconstructed casual beach styled shoe, the Cushe Slipper is the most Cushe shoe the brand has ever created. It’s easy, fun, comfortable, relaxed, versatile, and laid back. Not content with having all the virtues listed above, the Cushe Slipper is also packed full of tech too, including Cushe’s zero degree pitch antimicrobial footbed, a unique ‘Rubber On’ EVA Manuka honeycomb outsole, and a sculptured wave sidewall profile to name a few. The shoe is available in a range of beach-inspired shades from sandy browns to deep sea blues, with colour pops of bright blue and Cushe orange throughout the line.  This style also features contrast stitched detailing and Cushe’s camo effect moulded sole.

Lightweight components mean you’ll hardly feel them on your feet.


The favoured shoe for many of Cushe’s team members, this super comfortable style is proudly worn by big wave surfer Mitch Corbett, forager and fisherman Thom Hunt of Channel 4’s Three Hungry Boys, and extreme adventurer Dave Cornthwaite. Each of Cushe’s ambassadors have been chosen for their ‘Cushe’ outlook on life…

Mitch Corbett spends his time travelling the world, chasing huge waves and making films. After finding fame with the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s successful Channel 4 series Three Hungry Boys, Thom Hunt now runs an eco-tourist destination in deepest Cornwall where he teaches visitors to forage and fish for the fruits of the land and sea. Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite is best known for his Expedition 1000 project where he aims to complete 25 separate journeys of 1000 miles or more, each using a different form of non-motorised transport. So far he has completed four of his journeys, on a longboard (Perth to Brisbane), he has kayaked the length of Australia’s Murray River, travelled from Vancouver to Vegas by tandem bicycle, and paddled the length of the Mississippi river on an SUP board.

It’s safe to say that all three pursue a truly Cushe way of life.

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